Soil Logic is a Queensland owned and operated company based in the South Burnett, supplying a wide range of agricultural products, including fertilisers, along with qualified advice on getting the most out of your soil.

Soil Logic has a hands on approach in getting your soil working, not just this season but for years to come. We have a complete range of quality fertiliser products including Organic, Minerals and Trace Element Fertilisers, Lime, Gypsum, Dolomite, Phosphate Fines and Humates.

At Soil Logic we also supply Advanced Nutrients range of products including: Advanced Liquid Fertilisers, C-TECH Carbon Technology commodity Fertiliser, Bang Liquid Commodity Range, Black Granular Fertiliser Range, Advanced Surfactant Liquid Range, and Evolve Liquid Seed Coating Range.

Our process starts with talking to the customer first, finding out the history and issues around the property. From there, soil tests are taken which are followed up with a Qualified Interpretation Service, giving you full analysis and a comprehensive assessment of your nutritional requirements. Finally, we devise an implementation plan with your budget in mind.

As a company Soil Logic supports conventional, organic and biological farming, including livestock supplementation.

Ultimately Soil Logic focuses on the key elements of living soil- restoring soil organisms and soil carbon.




Soil Logic’s Altama is a tailor made organic fertiliser designed with the home garden and lawn in mind. Made up of numerous essential minerals, Altama provides everything your garden needs and more.

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Altama Soil


CC33 involves bituminous coal being converted into organic carbon, the element most lacking in conventional agriculture. The new generation fertiliser also includes colloidal phosphate, fish protein, cow manure and a secret vitamin and mineral formula.

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CC33 Soil


I have been buying and selling cattle for a Client who has used Soil Logc for several years and have always been surprised with the weight of the cattle in relation to the number of stock carried on their 150 acres. Always twice as many cattle as similar properties in their area, so I even tried Soil Logic’s recommendations on my block with fantastic results

Ryan Sullivan / GDL Stock Agents 0407 176 062

Last year I had Soil Logic mix and spread a recommended blend on half of my property as a trial.  I was so impressed with the cattle weight gains on that paddock that I am spreading the other half of my property this spring.

Carl Price / Kingaroy Freight Express

In September 2017 I sent Soil Logic a request for a blend and was happy with the promptness of the reply and cost of product.  We talked freight cost and Soil Logic helped to make up the blend in the most cost effective way for us. I approved their quote and had the blend delivered within a week which was quite a surprise. I am extremely happy with quality of product and service Soil Logic give.

David & Kaye McNaught / Tweed River Pecans